Darryl Knable (Ex-Earth)Diane Knable (Ex-Earth)Donovan Duck (Disney-Earth)
Dr. NightmareFeliciaHelen Knable (Ex-Earth)
Jane VicksonKairiKenki Omichi
King Luigi (Ex-Earth)King Mario (Ex-Earth)King Namos
Meshach Mouse (Disney-Earth)New Animal Life WikiaPrince Oscar
Queen Daisy (Ex-Earth)Queen EliseQueen Peach (Ex-Earth)
RikuRoy Knable (Ex-Earth)Sora
Todd RobinsonToshi Komaki
File:Bradley Knable 2.pngFile:Bullard Bull.pngFile:Carleigh Cat.png
File:Communitylogo.pngFile:Darryl Knable.pngFile:Diane Knable.png
File:Dippy Bobdeer.pngFile:Donovan Duck.pngFile:Dr nightmare in nal by thieviusracoonus-d39boi8.jpg
File:Dustin Lion.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:FOTP Hunter.png
File:FOTP Jabari.pngFile:FOTP Kate.pngFile:FOTP Larry.png
File:FOTP Sarmoti.pngFile:FOTP Sierra.pngFile:Felicia Lioness.jpg
File:Helen Knable.pngFile:Jacob Jaguarundi.pngFile:Jay Carioca.png
File:Jupiter.pngFile:Kairi Lioness.jpgFile:Kenki Omichi.jpg
File:King Koopa Luigi.pngFile:King Namos.pngFile:Koopa Mario and Peach Kiss.png
File:Laurie Billits.pngFile:Lilo Royal Koopa.pngFile:Malamute Agent Ghost.png
File:Malamute Ghost.pngFile:Mario Royal Koopa.pngFile:Marty Mongose 001 zpsp5fzws9y.PNG
File:Marybelle Mare.pngFile:Meshach Mouse.pngFile:Mighty Mink.png
File:Mighty Mongoose.pngFile:Minerva mink by lionkingrulez-d9bxf13.pngFile:Mr. Spike.png
File:New Animal Life - Anvil Dawgolin.pngFile:New Animal Life - Gauntlets Daggerfingers.pngFile:New Animal Life - Kawco Kikano.png
File:New Animal Life - Kenki Omichi.pngFile:New Animal Life - Toshi Komaki.pngFile:New Animal Life - Tuya Khufu.png
File:Orpheus Rabbit.pngFile:Peach Royal Koopa.pngFile:Poodle Agent Mirage.png
File:Poodle Mirage.pngFile:Prince Oscar.pngFile:Queen Elise.png
File:Queen Koopa Daisy.pngFile:Riku Lion.jpgFile:Roy Knable.png
File:Roy and Helen Kiss.pngFile:Samantha Squirrel.pngFile:Silly Goof.png
File:Sora Lion.jpgFile:Stitch Royal Koopa.pngFile:Tied-Up Canine Jane.png
File:Tied-Up Canine Todd.pngFile:Wally Wolf.pngFile:Wiki.png

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